Enlightening Questions: Week One

As befits the question, the first thing that brings me great joy..

love mondays

It seems appropriate that I start answering these questions on a Monday. When my chaos creators were very little, Monday didn’t mean anything to me. All the days blurred together in an endless march of sameness. When they all started to go to school, Mondays became my day: the day after the weekend when I finally had some head space. Time to tidy away the detritus of the weekend. Time to be me.

Now that they’re older, I still love Mondays. Admittedly that’s mostly because I don’t have Uni on Monday. These days I use Mondays to prepare for the week ahead. I do chores, I run errands and just generally put everything in order so I don’t have to worry about anything for a few days. Mondays are much better than Sundays for this because on Sunday everything is slow and dull and closed.


The second thing that brings me joy is…


As it has always been, reading is my passion. There is something indefinable about the joy of cracking a book open and falling into a different world. Some of them are brand new to me, thrilling and entrancing. Some of them are as familiar as my own body, places I’ve been visiting for years to catch up with old friends and re-read their stories. Even those books that I’ve read over and over again, can suddenly yield new meaning to me in light of new experiences of my own. Many of them make me cry, with sorrow at times, but more often with joy.


Last but not least, what brings most joy into my life is my family and my friends. I know that’s the kind of response most people would likely give to this question but that doesn’t make it any less true.

My mum is my go-to person. Whenever I’m doubting my sanity or in need of a kick up the backside, she’s there. She also gives lovely hugs, pays me with wine to give her advice, and smells fantastic.

Chaos Creator numero uno is a strong, independent woman who don’t need… no wait. She’s a soft, gooey marshmallow with a death stare that slices your soul. She’s creative and intelligent and has no faith in herself. She grows in strength and passion and confidence all the time. Her signature move is the awkward hug, occasionally followed by the I-own-you-lick.

Chaos Creator number two is stuck in the middle. She’s tiny and fierce and beautiful. People make the mistake of underestimating her and don’t realise that she is wicked smart. She somehow manages to fit in wherever she goes without losing sight of who she is and what she wants. She also has some of the most hilarious dance moves I’ve ever seen.

Chaos Creator number three is a hugging machine. I recently told him that someone told me that four hugs per day are essential for survival and that 12 hugs per day create optimum mental health. He has religiously given me a minimum of 4 hugs every day since. If you see him in the street, he’s the big, broody, alpha male looking lad in the comfy clothes. Underneath that, he’s sweet, caring, and has a sense of humour that won’t quit… ever.

Missy Fishy is at that age when literally everything she does melts your heart. She’s learning, discovering, changing, and growing and she does it all with a fiercely independent attitude and an infectious giggle.

Little Norm (my friend) is quite possibly the most resilient human on the planet right now. Life and the universe seem determined to test her at every available opportunity and she passes each and every test with flying colours. Quite frankly she refuses to allow herself to fail. She reminds me that if you want something from life you have to be willing to fight for it. One day, she’s going to be the kind of social worker that changes the world.

Crazy Norm (also my friend), to me, is the liveliest, most optimistic person. She sends videos of herself to our group chat that lighten up even the most miserable day. I’ve never seen her be angry or hateful or rude. She genuinely brings the sunshine with her wherever she goes.

These people bring me joy.  They push me to be better.

Sine qua non means ‘without which, nothing’. It’s a concept for the things that give life meaning. Mondays, books, and these people are the things without which my life would have no meaning. ❤


Until next Monday … if you can’t be good, be naughty with style 😉

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