What’s the point?

In an online world, cluttered with the detritus of human expression, you may be asking yourself, why bother? Why read another blogful of unoriginal nonsense written by one more in a host of mediocre writers with delusions of grandeur?

The answer is, probably, because you’re bored.

I know I am. Mostly, I find myself wading through blogs like this when I’m procrastinating.

Should be going to bed?

Read a blog.

Should be studying?

Read a blog.

Should be doing just about anything even remotely productive with my life?

You guessed it… read… a blog… and repeat.

Now it occurs to me that this may not, in fact, be the best way to get anyone to read my blog. I could delete it all and start again but that would feel dishonest somehow. You know what blogs are, and I know that you know. Let’s not kid ourselves.

So I guess the question is, why read this blog?

Things I Will Post on my Blog:

30 minute manuscripts: So titled mostly because I’m a huge fan of alliteration; written without purpose or plot; the only rule being that they can only take half an hour or less to write (not including the inevitable edits required by my abominable typing skills).

Random Musings on Life, the Universe, and Whatever Else Spews from my Fingers.

Themed writing: Now this is a new idea borrowed from an old idea. If you give me a word in the comment section, I will endeavour at my earliest convenience to construct a piece of writing between 500-1000 words long related to that word.

Weekly ‘Enlightening Questions’: I have a deck of cards, called enlightening questions, and each week I shall attempt to answer one, which I will randomly select. I’d love to get some responses from others as well, so if you feel inclined, comment me.


Also, if you stick around, I’ll return the favour and frequent your place of blogness with all my friend. That’s not a typo. I have one friend. In retrospect not a great deal for you, but hey, them’s the breaks.

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