One day, is not today.

One day I’ll have my shit together. But one day, is not today.

Today has been the kind of day in which the hero (aka me) finds herself torn between decisions. Bear with me because these are gonna sound like those ridiculous maths questions that nobody likes.


Scenario one

You live in town A. You can’t drive.

You apply for a job in town B (five miles away)

You get offered an interview in town C (a further 3 miles)

You get to the interview, and for various reason, the guy meant to interview you decides that he cannot conduct it today. You’ll get a phone call tomorrow. You can go to a different interview in three days time… in a totally different part of town C.

You really need the money. One of your pet peeves is incompetence. Do you go to the rescheduled interview?



Scenario two

Our hero is overweight. She knows it, the mirrors know it, the inner thigh area of all her trousers know it. She’s known it for a while and tried to change it more than once. Today, she looks in the mirror in the McDonalds toilets (the irony of this is not lost) and realises that it’s gotten worse. Stupidly so.

She decides not to eat the two cheeseburgers that she was going to take home for later. She decides that she will try harder, work at it more, prioritise her health, plan effectively, aim for better things… you know the drill.

She goes home. She naps for about five hours.

She’s writing her blog with a desk full of food that will not help her lose weight.

She gives up.

But she doesn’t really give up, because always in the back of her mind is the nagging knowledge that this is only going to get worse. That she will wake up one morning and find that she can no longer walk 10,000 steps in a month let alone a day. That she will be in constant pain.

So maybe she just gives up for today.

And plans better for tomorrow.


Speaking of tomorrow: Scenario C

I have familial obligations. Not surprisingly, because most people do. On the one hand I need to go visit some relatives (for various reasons) on the other hand I have things at home that need to get done. I have eleven days. Somehow, those eleven days have become impossible to plan.

  1. Invited to drinks, Saturday night in town B (a different town B to the earlier example used, this town B is approximately 60 miles away from home and I don’t drive).
  2. Might have to go to rescheduled job interview on Monday – after all, I need the money.
  3. Got offered a lift from town A (aka home) to town B for Tuesday but this means not being able to get back by Wednesday (see point 5)
  4. Whilst in town B at some point this week, need to support and assist Chaos Creator numero uno – has to be a weekday.
  5. Chaos Creator number three has plans in town A on Wednesday that can’t be changed.
  6. Little Norm will be in town A the following weekend. Haven’t seen her for weeks and I’m dying to find out gossip on her recent trip to Rome with a boy who may or may not be her lobster.

Also, somewhere in the middle of all this, I need to read several chapters of text books and wade through a mountain of laundry.


If by any chance you’re not confused by all of that, you’ve a better mind than I. Excuse me while I go eat food I shouldn’t eat while binge watching episodes of Castle.


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