Darn this blogging.

I’m beginning to remember why I’ve never started an official blog before. Mostly it’s because I become engrossed in it. It would be supremely simple to lose myself entirely in this world of words. Concepts and contrasts float around me in an ocean of ideologies and perspectives where my own thoughts, swirling into the current, threaten to drag me under.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not entirely convinced that this would be a bad thing. There’s a thrill to it, like no other. The closest comparison I can draw is the feeling of being drunk. It’s a blurring of the edges, a crumbling of barriers. Anonymity breeding a familiarity and openness that evades me in my day-to-day.

Sadly, the risk is in the things I won’t be doing; studying being first and foremost. Why crack a book on the industrial revolution when I can pour my soul into the limitless vessel of the internet? Why take notes on child development when I can immerse myself in the combined joys and sorrows of the online world? I even find myself being a little resentful about going away for a few days, separating myself from this newly discovered virtual community. Severing the barely formed connections I’ve made over the last week or so.

Of course, I could always download an app that lets me maintain the link. That would probably make a certain kind of sense. But I refuse. If I’m spending time with people, I want to make sure I do it wholeheartedly: unquestionably there; authentically me.

So, to conclude the most rambling see-you-soon ever… I’ll be back in a few days. Luckily for my select but special followers, I’ve scheduled some posts for the next few days so you won’t even get chance to miss me.

Just remember, if you can’t be good, be naughty with style 😉

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