I wrote this a while ago but I’m in the process of collating old works into my blog. Mostly, this is so that I can have them all in one place. Partly it’s so that I can refine them now that I have a little distance from them. Hope you enjoy. 


Screaming matches and all out wars
Kicks and punches, slamming doors.
“He touched my stuff.” “She pulled a face.”
“You never listen, I hate this place!!”
Fights about TV and fights about dinner,
Fights for no reason and nary a winner.
Wailing and whining, kick up a stink
“This isn’t fair.” “He stole my drink!”
Chaos and mayhem, morning and night.
Everything’s wrong, it won’t ever be right.

Arms round each other, troubles shared,
Someone was hurting someone else cared.
Hugs that are awkward, bodies too long,
Loud tuneless singing of favourite songs,
Inside jokes and laughing for hours,
Spontaneous gifts and bunches of flowers.
Walks in the country, trips to the beach,
Lift someone up when they just can’t reach.
Loving and sharing and full of affection,
Tied together – a strong connection.

Accidents, arguments, accusations,
Conflicting needs and recriminations.
Blackmail, bribery, guilt and blame –
Face full of sadness, eyes full of shame.
Bedrooms so messy you can’t see floors,
Everyone here is allergic to chores.
Trips to the doctor, “I’ve got a rash!”
Time to go shopping with not enough cash.
Sighs of frustration and tears of pain.
Same conversations again and again.

Talks in the night about doubts and fears,
Tissues and silliness, drying of tears,
Hands reaching out to offer support –
Not as alone as your misery thought.
Kindness, empathy, joy and pride,
Knowing there’s someone on your side.
Growing and changing, marks on a wall
Loving and leaving, risking a fall
Sure of the arms waiting wide and ready
Whenever your feet become unsteady.

*The featured image is of my Chaos Creators – they’re all a lot bigger these days, but this is my favourite shot of them from their childhood. They all pull much sillier faces now.

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