Spring morning

I’m awake. Barely. The kettle is growling and my eyes are gritty with last night’s already forgotten dreams. I should shower but I can’t bring myself to face that moment of chilly vulnerability between removing my pyjamas and stepping into the comforting cloud of steam. I’ll do it in a minute.

Who knew it was possible to yawn this much?

I feel like my brain is audibly grinding: not quite shifting from holiday gear to study mode. Maybe I need to get my clutch checked. The only bright spot in my morning haze is the gentle, grey light that creeps beneath the shades.

Wait… It’s not dark!

I can’t believe it: in the week I spent avoiding mornings, they up and changed on me. No more blind-fumbling, knee-cracking, soul-smothering mornings. At least, not until next Winter. It feels like my whole body just sighed with relief.

Thank the Universe!



I loved this song when I was a little girl. Thanks to my Mum and her affection for cheesy musicals. It pretty much captures that Spring feeling.

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