The Path

This used to be a slightly different poem but I’ve fiddled around with it today to (hopefully) improve it. Hope you like it.

Turn up,
Don’t be absent,
Don’t be late:
No excuses.
Sit down and shut up!

Follow the rules,
Don’t disagree,
Be the ‘norm’:
No questions.
Pipe down in the back!

Speak truth,
Live a lie,
Wade through milk,
Never cry:
No problems.
Don’t argue with me!

Stay in the lines,
Try your best,
Learn what you’re told,
Pass the test:
No improv.
Just do as you’re told!

Don’t drink,
Don’t smoke,
Don’t think,
Don’t swear:
Whatever you do,
Don’t fucking care!

This is the path
To success, my friend;
Follow it
All the way to the end.

Then into the future,
Gently fall
And suddenly find –
You know nothing at all.

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