Friday Evening Continued

As promised, the rest of yesterday’s scene.

Ava was halfway down a second bottle when a crowd of newcomers swept into the club, giggling and chattering like a clutch of flamboyantly dressed hens. Blues and pinks clashed with greens and oranges, as high heels sank into the thick weave of the beige carpet that did nothing to hide the spills of the night-time revels. Gina called out friendly greetings and waved them over, fluffing her hair and cocking her hips invitingly. Ava smiled.

Most women who frequented the Ladies’ had husbands and children at home and found the obviousness of Gina’s preferences distasteful. Some, though – maybe one in ten – were single and not uninterested in her unofficial wares. Appreciative smiles flickered across a couple of faces and Ava knew that her friend would likely get lucky tonight. With a subtle hand wave and a conspiratorial wink, she let Gina know she was headed out, downed the last of her drink and carried the remaining half bottle carefully through the crowd towards the exit.

“Can’t be helped… sure you understand…”  The wine had done nothing to quiet the droning voice in her head.

“Watch yourself, love.” A low, musical voice cut through her distraction and she glanced up to find herself nose to bust with a subtly patterned, green velvet dress that sheathed a taller than average brunette. Laughing grey eyes twinkled above a sensual mouth that was currently quirked upward in an amused half-smile.

“Sorry.” She mumbled, confused. Something about the woman’s features caused a stirring in Ava’s gut. She wasn’t beautiful – her jaw was too square and her brow too heavy – but attractive in a magnetic way and her scent was musky, intoxicating.

“Don’t worry, I’m not so fragile as all that and look, I didn’t even spill my drink.” She brandished a tumbler that smelt strongly of almonds to prove it.

“I…” say something! “I’m sorry.” She mumbled again trying to edge her way around the obstructing woman. “I have to go.”

“You’re leaving?” That smile again and something else; disappointment?

“Have to get home. Got a cat. Sorry.” Ava held up her hands apologetically, remembering too late the bottle of wine clutched in her left and suddenly ashamed of it. “Saving it for another day.” She blushed.

“It’s a good wine.” The woman smiled for real this time, a warm and infectious grin that showed off rows of straight, white teeth and crinkled the corners of her eyes becomingly. Still, she didn’t move aside or show any sign of releasing Ava from her attentive stare.

“I really do have to go.” Ava tried, more firmly this time.

“Shame,” she winked, sending a bolt of lightning down Ava’s spine. But I don’t fancy women!  Even Gina’s blatant flirting and excessive touches had never stirred even so much as a curious flutter.

“Goodbye, then.” She held out her free hand, intending to shake on it, hoping the woman would get the message only to find her fingers enveloped in warm flesh that sent tingles all the way up her arm. Big mistake. Her eyes frantically darted from side to side, desperate to spot an opening in the crush of women who mingled on all sides. Finally, some motion to her left opened a gap between two blondes that she thought she might fit through and, yanking her hand back she darted through it, not stopping until she reached the street outside. Her breath burst from her in a shuddering rush as she straightened her skirt and held a shaking hand to her erratically pounding heart.

She was halfway home before she remembered that she’d left her jacket behind.

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