Enlightening Questions: Week Four

What are my roles?

Mother, Daughter, Sister, Nonna, Friend, Aunt, student, teacher, volunteer, helper, carer, blogger, consumer, woman, adult, home-maker, chef.

What or who am I beneath them?

Reader, writer, procrastinator, loner, introvert, nerd. A worrier, an over-thinker, a morning-hater. Seeker after knowledge, after wisdom, after truth. I’m a questioner and a dreamer, a panicker and a cynic. A chocoholic, cheese-loving, hater-of-cooking. Head full of chaos, heart full of doubts, body full of shame.

I’m bored – all the time.

I’m an off-key kitchen caroller; a quirky quoter of TV trivia; and unrepentant lover of nonsense and whimsy. I’m sensible and calm and in control – until I’m not. I’m fun and frivolous, impulsive and carefree. Self-assured, self-loathing, confidently terrified of getting it wrong.

In short –

I’m complicated.

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