Accidental Spring Clean

It’s amazing the things you find when you’re looking for something else.

In an attempt to locate a scene I’d written for a story I’ve been on-off working on for a couple of years (more off than on – hence the lengthiness of the project) I came across a number of things that I’d completely forgotten about:

  • Maps I drew for two separate stories



As you can see, I’m not an artist
  • Notes I made while world building.
  • A really nice notebook, barely half full.
  • And a list of ‘Affirmations’ I made at some point in my past.


I can make good choices

I have amazing potential

I can do difficult things

I am of great worth

I choose to work with a focused mind

I set goals and I work persistently until they are accomplished


Turns out, I still have no idea what I did with that scene though. Maybe I’ll find it the next time I go hunting through my things to find something else.

Have you ever written/drawn/made something that you were proud of but subsequently misplaced? Sucks, doesn’t it?

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