Snow Day

I know that in many places, the snow we had here today doesn’t even truly count as snow. I also know that there are many people who experience snow as a burden or a danger. That said, this poem is what I witnessed in the people around me today. It was lighthearted and enjoyable. Hopefully I managed to capture that.

Snow Day

Snow day? No way!
Can’t wait to go play.
Thrown balls, prat falls,
Slips, slides – we’re snow-fools

Sun glints, heart sprints,
Crunch go the foot-prints.
Spin, swirl, laugh, twirl –
Once more, a young girl.

Unplanned, cold hand –
Don’t care, it’s still grand.
Flakes dance, kids prance;
Might be the last chance

Snow day – don’t go day –
Sun sets, you blow away.

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