Why Are You Following Me??

Today is my one month Blogiversary. For the past month I’ve posted daily, sometimes more than once. It’s been a mishmash of  prose and poetry, fiction and introspection. I’ve accumulated some pretty cool followers with awesome blogs of their own.

My question to them, and to anyone new that chooses to join the journey, is:

Why are you following me?

What drew you to my blog? What  would you like to see more of? If there’s a particular format of my writing that you’ve enjoyed, or a specific story that you’ve seen an excerpt of, let me know. By the same token, if I’ve posted anything that you find irritating, pointless, or offensive in any way, please feel free to tell me. I won’t take it personally. Probably.

I make no promises about whether I’ll be able to deliver requested materials, but I’ll definitely bear it in mind and try to tailor the content to suit you, my readers.


Many Thanks for your continued observation

and remember … if you can’t be good, be naughty with style 😉

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