Enlightening Questions: Week Five

Only two days later than planned. 

Why am I doing the things I’m doing right now?


My number one reason for studying is to learn and understand more about societies and the people within them: how do they work? why do things happen the way that they do? what changes and why? For me, this is important because I like to write and I want the stories I tell to be accurate, believable, relatable, and engaging. It’s also important because I want to support people; especially those who are marginalised and isolated.  The fact that getting an education represents an opportunity to better myself and potentially find well-paid employment is secondary but still important. It may mean that I can achieve future goals such as travelling and writing without having to worry so much about finances and such.


In some ways, volunteering is not something I chose. A requirement of my uni course is that I complete a minimum of 25 hours in work placement. So I had to volunteer somewhere. The choice was in where to do so. I could have picked somewhere different but I chose to volunteer with an organisation that requires a commitment of between six months and a year. This organisation trains volunteers to support families before they are in crisis. In a country where support is most often provided too late (when people are already in crisis) I find this to be an inspirational goal. In choosing this as my work placement I hope to discover whether or not I have an aptitude for this kind of work. I also hope that in my time as a volunteer I may be able to help, in some small way, a family who are struggling.


Blogging started out as a whim. My daughter showed me a blog that she had started and it seemed like a good idea at the time. What I’ve learned from it is that there are lots of people on WordPress with great insights, amazing ideas, original voices, and passionate ideals. To be a part of that community is something that I’m enjoying. It also helps to motivate me to try and write more. Since I’ve been in a writing slump for the past two years, that can only be a good thing. Answering these questions and challenging myself to do different things so that I have something to write about is also enabling me to really understand myself: my fears; my hopes; my strengths; and my weaknesses. With any luck it might make me a better person and writer.


This is something I seem to be doing a lot of lately. It’s not a positive thing. It’s not even something I’m doing deliberately. I think I’m at that point in the year when sustaining effort is difficult and draining so I avoid it. I nap, I read, I re-watch TV series’ that I’ve already binged on before so that I don’t even really need to pay that much attention to them. Basically, I allow things to get so out of control that there comes a point where it’s sink-or-swim. The pressure of coming so close to failure seems to kick-start something in my brain that propels me through whatever is holding me back. Maybe it’s a biological response to stress. Whatever it is, I wish I could do it another way. I think I would much prefer it if I could just maintain a steady level of effort and commitment to life.

Eating all the wrong foods

By which I mean chocolate and crisps and take-away and Mr Kipling lemon slices and chocolate. Yes, I’m aware that I said chocolate twice. That’s because I love it so very much. The reason for eating all the wrong foods is twofold:

  • I like the way that all the wrong foods taste
  • I hate the effort required to eat all the right foods


So that’s my answer for this week. Sorry it was late. I’ll be back next week with another Enlightening Question.

In the meantime…What are the things that you’re doing right now and why are you doing them? I’d really love to know.

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