Going Postal

Ultimate Reading Challenge

April: Book with a one word title. Shiver The Wolves of Mercy Falls #1 - Maggie Stiefvater GoodReads Description: For years, Grace has watched the wolves in the woods behind her house. One yellow-eyed wolf—her wolf—is a chilling presence she can't seem to live without. Meanwhile, Sam has lived two lives: In winter, the frozen... Continue Reading →

Uni Blues

Inspired jointly by Haiku out of Africa and my stressful day of trying to wrap my brain around the complicated concepts of post-modernism. Nowhere near the standards of Lize Bard but I feel like it adequately expresses my current state of mind. Uni Blues All day confusion Such impossible concepts For my weary brain

Ultimate Reading Challenge

This is my book review for Dirty Work, by Gabriel Weston. I read this book as part of the Ultimate Reading Challenge: March, an author who is new to you. Good Reads Description Nancy Mullion, an obstetrician-gynaecologist whose botched surgery has put a patient in a life-threatening coma, must face a medical tribunal to determine... Continue Reading →

Enlightening Questions: Week Five

Only two days later than planned.  Why am I doing the things I'm doing right now? Studying My number one reason for studying is to learn and understand more about societies and the people within them: how do they work? why do things happen the way that they do? what changes and why? For me,... Continue Reading →

Disturbed and Distressed

So tomorrow (today) turned out to be a long and wearying day and left me not really feeling like answering an Enlightening Question. The reason is that I attended training for my volunteer role today (week 6 of 8) and this week we covered domestic abuse. It was distressing so I thought I would share... Continue Reading →


Monday's regularly scheduled programming - AKA Enlightening Questions - has been postponed this week due to a medical emergency. Chaos Creator number two (affectionately referred to as Blondie) exacerbated a previously unhealed fracture of the tibia last Tuesday due to an ill-conceived tackle against a superior-legged foe. Consequently, she and I had to attend the... Continue Reading →

Why Are You Following Me??

Today is my one month Blogiversary. For the past month I've posted daily, sometimes more than once. It's been a mishmash of  prose and poetry, fiction and introspection. I've accumulated some pretty cool followers with awesome blogs of their own. My question to them, and to anyone new that chooses to join the journey, is:... Continue Reading →

Sunday Snippets

Madelyn shifted in her seat, left hand rubbing gritty eyes. The luminescent glare of the computer screen cast distorted shadows over her strewn paperwork. Not that anything could have made it look any worse. Phrases stood out from the standard font of the top-most page as though highlighted in bold - "meets the criteria"... "significant... Continue Reading →


After busily castigating myself for the last few days for doing basically nothing, I started to wonder how much of anything that I do is purely for me. Not to say that I'm in any way an altruistic martyr that only does things for others. Probably most of what I do, ultimately benefits me. That... Continue Reading →

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